The beginning

Around easter time in 2019 we gathered in Augsburg. We, that is the people from imu augsburg, from Roundtable Budapest and Sunny Connection Switzerland. We had all been working with the map for several years and came together to decide if we wanted to continue our path of evolution and of evolution of the integral map together.

This was the birth hour of the Integral Hub.

At the same time our Facebook group had 1999 members and hit the 2000 mark a few days later. By 2021 we reached 11 K members.

The History of the Map

The map condenses over 25 years of experience of imu augsburg combined with Ken Wilber’s AQAL and Spiral Dynamics – and the transfer of these principles to the business. Thanks to Roundtable Consulting,  the ReinvOrgMap team, the connection to Frederic Laloux‘s “Reinventing Organizations” and its digital distribution in the world has been created and distributed.

The first version of the map was finished in 2013 and was a result of a research project, sponsored by German ministry of education and research. The early version of the map was presented by imu augsburg on the Integral Conference in Budapest in 2014, and was a major inspiration source for Roundtable, to create the first version of the Reinventing Organization Map. It was first published in 2016.

Both companies developed their maps separately. In summer 2019 Silvia Hagen our Facebook group member from Sunny Connection in Switzerland realized that Roundtable was working with the same map and connected the two groups. This led to the invitation of all to imu augsburg to connect and share.

Our Purpose

Our ultimate purpose is to help organizations to move toward and reach the Teal consciousness level in an integrated and organic way. Furthermore we want to connect and support all interested and engaged people working with the ReOrgMap in order to foster the natural evolutionary development of our world. We believe that in order to support the evolution in the world, working with organizations is an effective way, as they can have a strong impact on the society and the world.

The three roots of the Integral Hub: imu augsburg, Roundtable Budapest and Sunny Connection Switzerland.

What we did in this year

We have been very busy together and had a lot of fun starting our co-creation. In each of our physical meetings in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland we had very deep and beautiful encounters. We were busy to build the foundation and align our initiatives in the background. While we are discussing updates to the Atlas platform and creating broader offers to the international community, we have had among other things a very cool co-created success event, when Szabolcs from Budapest and Silvia from Switzerland travelled to Taiwan to hold a first onsite workshop together. You can find a description of this trip here. Since 2020 most of our activities were local or online.

Stepping out and first Global Open Space Event

One year later, again around easter time 2020, we were ready to step out visible into the world. In the meantime the number of members in our Facebook group went up from 1999 to over 4700 before the event and even up to over 5100 a few days after the event. All our content about the map you can still find at and to create your own maps or download a translation you can visit the Atlas platform.

On the Reinvenorgmap Website, you will also find our offerings in the section “Events and Workshops“: